The Kremlin refuses to comment on CNN reports that China is considering providing drones and ammunition for the Ukraine war

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“I don’t see the need to comment,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN during a regular press conference. “The Chinese side has refuted this information.”

After pressing him further, regarding whether Moscow asked China for military equipment and aid to use in what it calls “its own military operation,” Peskov repeated that “all this information has been refuted by the Chinese side,” saying that he has nothing to add.

CNN reported Friday that the United States has intelligence that Beijing has not yet made a final decision, but negotiations are continuing between Russia and China about the price and volume of equipment to be provided for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The CIA director said the United States was “confident” that China was considering sending lethal equipment to Russia.

On the other hand, Peskov said, on Monday, that Moscow has attached “great interest” in the Chinese “peace plan”, but it does not see, so far, any preconditions for the situation to turn into a peaceful path.

Peskov added, “At the present time, we do not see any preconditions for transferring this whole situation to a peaceful path,” stressing that “the special military operation continues, and we are moving towards achieving the goals that have been set.”

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