Cristiano Ronaldo is on another date with history

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cristiano ronaldo

The star Cristiano Ronaldo will be the most representative player for his country in history, if he participates in the Portugal match against Liechtenstein, Thursday, in the 2024 European Nations Cup qualifiers.

Ronaldo, 38, equaled the number of Kuwaiti striker, Badr Al-Mutawa, with 96 international matches, when he played against Morocco in the World Cup finals.

He is currently in the Portuguese squad, led by the new coach, Roberto Martinez.

Ronaldo, who joined the Saudi Al-Nasr team, achieved a world record, by scoring 118 international goals, during his football career with his country.

Many wondered about his international future when he left the field in tears after Portugal’s defeat by Morocco in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Ronaldo scored 9 goals in 10 matches he played with the Al-Nasr team, after he left his former team, Manchester United, due to the controversy sparked by his critical statements about the English club.

Martinez said about him: “Ronaldo, who participated in his first match with the Portuguese national team in 2003, is very important to the team. I do not look at the age of the players.”

As for Ronaldo, he said on Wednesday: “Records are a motivation for me. I want to become the most representative player for his country in history, and I will be proud of that.”

“But that is not enough, I want to be called up to the national team for a longer period.”

In women’s soccer, Christine Lilly holds the world record, as she participated with the United States national team in 354 matches.

Ronaldo continues to make history

With this achievement, Ronaldo consolidates his place among the best players in the history of international football.

During his football career, the Portuguese star won seven major domestic titles and 11 other domestic titles, the European Champions League five times, the Club World Cup four times, and won the European Nations Cup once.

Ronaldo played in Portugal for the Sporting Lisbon team, then moved to Manchester United, then to Real Madrid, Spain, and then to Juventus, Italy. He won the Golden Ball award for the best player in the world 5 times, and the FIFA award for best player in the world twice.

  • Most goals scored in the UEFA Champions League (140)
  • Most appearances in the UEFA Champions League (183)
  • Most titles in the UEFA Champions League (5)
  • The only player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals
  • The most number of participations in the European Nations Finals (5)
  • Most goals scored in European Championships (14)
  • Most goals against Europe and the World Cup (22)
  • Most international goals scored in the world (118)
  • The first player to score 10 hat-tricks in world football


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