Jerusalem attack: Benjamin Netanyahu pledges to promote settlement and facilitate the granting of licenses to Israelis to possess weapons

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During a cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a set of measures in response to the Jerusalem attack, saying they were intended to show that Israelis are “here to stay,” as he put it.

Hours after Netanyahu announced these measures, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Egypt on Sunday, kicking off a three-day visit to the Middle East, during which he will head to Jerusalem on Monday as violence erupts between Israelis and Palestinians, a topic that will be at the forefront. his agenda.

Netanyahu said this morning: “This morning, we closed the house of the terrorist who carried out the heinous attack in Jerusalem, and his house will be demolished. We have decided to deprive families who support terrorism of social security rights, and the government will discuss other steps, including revoking identity cards and revoking residency from families of terrorists who support.” terrorism.”

Netanyahu added, “In parallel, we are expanding and accelerating the issuance of arms licenses to thousands of Israeli citizens, including the emergency services. We do not seek escalation, but we are ready for any eventuality. Our response to terrorism is with a firm hand and a strong, swift and accurate response.”

The Israeli government will also discuss a set of measures, including strengthening settlements, as a response to offensive operations, more support for the police and army, carrying out large-scale arrests, and campaigns to collect illegal weapons, according to the statement of the mini-ministerial council for political and security affairs in Israel.

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