Erdogan asks for forgiveness after the delay in aid and rescue efforts from the earthquake

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked for forgiveness for the delay in providing assistance and rescue from the earthquake that struck the country on February 6, on the sidelines of a press conference, Monday.

Erdogan said, “Due to the weather and road conditions, we could not carry out the work we wanted in Adiyaman (southeastern Turkey) in the first few days, I ask your forgiveness for this. We are aware of everything, and no one should doubt that we will do what is necessary.”

Erdogan added that nearly 14,000 Turkish citizens live in aid tents, with plans to distribute more than 44,000 more. Besides building more than 16,000 temporary shelter containers to help survivors of the deadly earthquake that hit the region earlier this month.

President Erdo─čan told the assembled crowd at the press conference: “With the end of the search and rescue efforts, the work of clearing the wreck has accelerated.”

He also indicated that nearly 50,000 homes have been built in Adiyaman, where construction work will start before the end of February and continue in March and April.

He continued, “We cooperate closely with our universities, scientists and engineers… We will never allow tall buildings.”

Erdogan said more than 115,000 people were rescued from the rubble in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake that killed more than 44,000 Turks.

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