Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Biography

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – A Visionary Leader and the Missile Man of India

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, also known as the Missile Man of India, was an Indian scientist and politician who served as the President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was born on 15th October 1931 in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, and was a prominent figure in the country’s space and missile programs. Dr. Kalam was known for his leadership, vision, and dedication to the country, and he remains an inspiration for millions of people around the world.

Early Life and Education

Kalam was the youngest of five siblings, and his father was a boat owner and Imam in a local mosque. He had a humble upbringing and was deeply influenced by his parents’ values of hard work, honesty, and education. Kalam completed his schooling from Schwartz Higher Secondary School in Ramanathapuram and went on to study physics at St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli. He later joined the Madras Institute of Technology to study aerospace engineering.

Career as a Scientist

After completing his education, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam joined the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) as a scientist. He played a crucial role in the development of India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle and also led the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP). Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam contribution to India’s missile program earned him the title of “Missile Man of India,” and he became a national hero for his role in making India a self-sufficient country in defense technology.

Contribution to India’s Missile Program

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam leadership and vision were instrumental in the development of India’s missile program. He played a key role in the successful development of the Agni and Prithvi missiles, which are now an integral part of India’s defense system. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam contribution to India’s missile program also helped the country achieve self-sufficiency in the field of defense technology and made it one of the few countries in the world capable of producing long-range missiles.


In 2002, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was elected as the President of India, becoming the first scientist to hold the position. During his presidency, Kalam focused on promoting education and technology in the country. He was known for his simplicity, humility, and dedication to the welfare of the people of India. Kalam’s presidency remains one of the most beloved and respected in Indian history.

Later Life and Legacy

After completing his term as President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam continued to work towards promoting education and technology in the country. He was a prolific writer and authored several books, including his autobiography “Wings of Fire.” Kalam also continued to inspire and motivate people around the world with his speeches and lectures. He passed away on 27th July 2015 while delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.

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